Julia is a Ceramic Artist and designer based in San Francisco, CA. She works out of Red Brick, a studio cooperative in San Francisco's mission district. 

"My work really started with my own journey to loving my own body. We are so infiltrated with imagery that tells us to do otherwise; that we are not good enough, skinny enough or pretty enough, that I see imagery that counter that norm as a powerful tool of resistance. As someone who is putting out images of women in the world, it is my responsibility to create images of women who exist happily in their own bodies no matter what color size or shape. self love is one of the most powerful forms of rebellion we can have. This is shown in the mundane acts of self care, for example bathing, shaving or sleeping, because it is a fleeting moment of unconscious acceptance and love for ourselves.  These small moments deserve to be witnessed."

When not in her studio, she is teaching ceramics at Clay by the Bay.


Revolver shop, San Francisco

Butter Home, Seattle

Art Attack, San Francisco

Terrific Street, San Francisco

Continuum, Cincinatti

Decovo online